New Year, New Me

Cheesy title?

Yeah, I think so too.

But that’s okay, because sometimes I’m not too terribly witty or smart. Sometimes this is all that I can come up with for a title. I know, I know. I’m awesome.

I think we all have some ideas about the new year, and even if we don’t make resolutions, I feel like we’re thinking of ways we could make changes for the better. I don’t think this means losing weight, working out, or being healthy in general (although those are my top 3, not gonna lie), but it could be something like “read more books” or “try more creative ventures.”

I always make resolutions. I don’t get down on myself if I don’t keep them, but I try. For me, writing out my goals is something I like to do. Because even if I don’t accomplish them that particular year or at that particular time I know I will at some point in my life. I also think that people hate on resolutions because in their minds, they feel like they’re failing if they don’t do them in a set amount of time. Which I guess might be the case if you have a real deadline, like for your homework, or a vacation you have to pack for, but you get the point.

So what are my resolutions for the year 2013 you ask? Well, let me tell you!!! (Yes, I’m lame. I cannot help it, but I enjoy my lameness, and you will learn to love  it too.)

1-3. Lose weight, work out, adopt a healthier lifestyle.
4. Be nicer.
5. Swear less.
6. More water, less pop.
7. Attend church more often.
8. Don’t let laundry pile up.
9. Keep house tidy.
10. Be more frugal.
11. Offer more help to others.
12. Be successful on Etsy (or at least TRY).
13. Read at least one new book a month.
14. Go through magazines/tear outs from magazines.
15. Organize recipes, tear outs, etc.
16. Faithfully track food via WW
17. Read Bible and devotions daily
18. Do hair and makeup more often.
19. Stop impulse buys!
20. Craft more.
21. Don’t get angry over the little things.
22. Be more responsible with social media.
23. Purge my online readings (also Twitter and Facebook friends).

Obviously I didn’t go into great deal regarding these since they’re rather self-explanatory. But, these are all areas of my life I’d like to improve on, especially the healthy lifestyle ones.

I’m not ashamed of my size, but I need to lose weight for my health. Honestly. If I weren’t a type two diabetic, and if it weren’t nearly impossible to maintain a healthy blood sugar level without being physically ill (the pills I’m supposed to take require that I basically sit on a toilet 24/7 hating my life), I’d be fine where I am. So, that is why I’m pledging to lose weight by eating healthfully and utilizing Weight Watchers online tools, implementing an exercise regime because even though I’ve always been bigger, I’ve never been this out of shape in my life. I have more than enough DVDs, magazine tear outs, pins on Pinterest, etc. to keep me busy and active without falling into a boring routine. So, that is just what I’m going to do!


Feel free to share your resolutions/goals/hopes/dreams for whenever in your life.



xoxo Amber

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