Still Unsure of Where to Blog

As of today, I’ve still been blogging exclusively at (as evident in my lack of posts here). I’m not sure why. I have very few followers (although I have none here, but with a grand total of 3 entries, I’m not surprised), and I can go weeks without any response to my posts (I have a whopping 21 followers).

My problem is that I’m so familiar with Blogger now, and while I prefer WordPress, I’m not used to it. I don’t fully understand it, so that makes switching all the more difficult. But oh how I want to! WordPress, in my opinion, is vastly superior to Blogger. So if anyone reading this has any words of advice, tips, or tricks for WordPress, I’d be ever so thankful to hear them (or be linked to them). 🙂

Anyway, onto life. My last final is Tuesday in Algebra. My English Comp final was a research paper written on How to Train Your Dragon that while difficult to do so, I loved it. I got a 30/35 (I used a program through the school for my references page, and when I exported it the formatting was a little off and I failed to notice it) so I lost points. Boo! I’m happy with it though, and I still pulled off an A in that class (at least I think I did, I should probably double check that!). I got a 96% in my Power Learning class (something required by my college). I got an 86/100 on the final (yeah, totally didn’t study). Not bad for not studying! Or reading the material. In health careers I had to write a paper on my career choice, not about why I chose it, but about what the school requires from students pursuing that degree (I hated it), and I’m supposed to give an oral presentation that I have no desire to do. I’m contemplating losing the 6 points for it to be honest. And finally, I have a final in Algebra. The health presentation and Algebra final are both on Tuesday, so after that I am done for the semester! I am so looking forward to the break.  I have way too many gifts to get wrapped up, and too much stuff to finish cleaning up and organizing.

On the 27th Kalen and I are flying to Texas to spend time with his dad and stepmom. We’re going to be there until January 4th. I’m excited, but I’m not at the same time. This is my first holiday season without my Gma, and we used to spend New Years Eve together as a family, and this will be the first year I haven’t spent with family in about 8 years. He originally wanted us to be there on Christmas, but no way was that happening. I need to be with my Mom and Auntie and everyone on Christmas this year. I’m just not at that level of acceptance yet I suppose.

I’ve stopped attending Weight Watchers meetings, moving to strictly online only. This week was actually pretty good. I tracked the food I ate, and even though I went horribly over at points, I still tracked, and this morning I was down. I’ll be switching from weighing myself Monday nights to Monday mornings, so tomorrow will be the big reveal in how much, if anything, I’ve lost since last week’s weigh in. I feel a renewed sense of dedication to the program, and to losing weight in general. I’ve gotten severely compliments recently on what I have lost and how I look now, and I’m rather pleased with that. There is nothing better than having your efforts and hard work noticed and commented on. 🙂

Alright, I’m hoping that some of you give me tips and whatnot on WordPress, and I’ll hopefully be around soon with more posts. I hope you’re doing well!!!

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