Golden years are passing by


This was me after less sleep than I’d like, no makeup, and clearly no shower. And my eyes aren’t that dark, it was the filter that did that.

Recently, I read the Little House series again; even at the age of 27, those books capture my attention (and heart) and thrill me. Can you imagine how amazing it would have been, living when the Ingalls family did? They saw so much progress and changes, but they lived simple lives. That’s what I wish I had, even though they had more than their fair share of difficulties and sadness. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? Right.

Anyway, the title of this post comes from “These Happy Golden Years”, from a song that’s sung in the book. I’ll post what I copied down (because I’m a nerd and wrote down the songs I liked), in case anyone is interested to read what was printed in the book.

Life has been busy but boring, if that makes ANY sense at all.

I had some drama with my financial aid in that they sent out a MASS email stating that payment arrangements had to be made or you’d be dropped. Why they’d do that is beyond me, but it freaked me out badly. So I finally talked to them, and found out that I’m good as long it shows a negative balance (which will be refunded to me). I stressed out over nothing. 😉

So, onto our abnormally busy week!
Monday started out with us going to watch the boys so that Auntie and Alan could go look at a car she wants to buy. That short job was followed with us going to Gma’s so Tawnya’s Mom could purchase her daybed.
Tuesday we went back to school shopping for Hailie with Tawnya and Justin, and then we grabbed lunch at Golden Corral. Unfortunately for Kalen and myself, we went home and then journeyed out again to shop and get dinner at Noodles & Company with his mom. I didn’t finish my food. Sad day.
Wednesday we went to Gma’s to sell Tawnya’s Dad the swing set for Hailie (she loves that thing), and then had THE most boring night. He had a headache so we didn’t watch any TV, Karen was in bed because she was made at State Farm and there was nothing to do. We were in bed before 11.
Thursday we went to find my classrooms and get my ID badge. I lucked out. I have a morning class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (one day is an English class and the other a healthy class) that is upstairs and then that afternoon is my math class, that is in the same hall area only downstairs. They were pretty easy to find, but I’m glad they have signs because I know I’ll be confused at first. I DO know where the library is though so woo! Yeah, I’m tooting my own horn. 😉 I don’t know where the cafeteria type area is, which I need to do. One of the days I have a big break-the morning class ends at 11:15 and the other starts at 2. The other day the morning class ends at 1:45 so I won’t have a break then. I’m planning on bringing snacks though, because when I don’t eat my sugar drops and I get sick. I’d rather not miss classes, ya know?
After that we got lunch at my favorite Mexican joint, and then traveled home. When Karen got back, she wanted to go to the Salvation Army (and they were inexplicably shut down, which breaks my heart), so we went to Goodwill instead. I found two skirts, some pretty fabric, two top sheets, and some mustard yellow lace. Then we had dinner at a pizza place I grew up on. Needless to say, my diet was shot to hell. But I’m not letting it get me down!
Yesterday Kalen also informed me he purchases a new entertainment center, blu ray player (we’re currently using our Playstation but after so long the fan turns on and it gets really loud), wall mount, and TV. Yeah, a TV. Because you just randomly buy one often, right!? That’s alright though-he’s wanted a larger one for awhile and it had been returned so it was a great deal (although it didn’t have the cord and didn’t say that so he was pretty upset but he got a partial refund of $105 and a cord at Radio Shack was $10…score!). PLUS, since he got that, I told him he has to buy me something. I’m paying him back though, but there was a sale and well…I couldn’t resist.


Aren’t they pretty!?

I don’t normally spend money on stuff like that, but while everyone else is using their inheritance for fun stuff, I had to buy a car, pay for insurance, and buy new brakes. My previous car would not have lasted through college. So I got a little frivolous. Can you really blame me?


Otherwise things aren’t too exciting in these parts. We’re babysitting tomorrow night and then Sunday the city I grew up in has their annual Lakefront Fest/Dam Duck Race. They always have rides, fair food, and crafts, and on Sunday they roast hogs. I’m feasting.


1. Nose strip that didn’t get much out (I have really good skin, in a non-bragging way).

2. Baby blanket I made for a friend. The pattern is weird to me but whatever.

3. My boys sleeping. Love them!

4. The shelf we stained and hung to hold my massive owl collection.

And because I said my eyes aren’t that dark, here is a picture of them:


I really love that the colors don’t blend. I’m always told my eyes are unique. And that people are jealous of my eyelashes. Which aren’t looking so hot here, for whatever reason.


Anyway, I’m still unsure of what to do about this blog and Blogger. I’ve been on Blogger almost 3 years, but have not been consistent with it, and I’ve only got 22 followers and get about no comments 99% of the time. Some stuff confuses me over here, but Blogger also confuses me at times.

Oh well, I’ll figure it out. Here is the song bit I promised, and I hope you all have a great weekend.


Golden years are passing by,

Happy, happy golden years,

Passing on the wings of time,

These happy golden years.

Call them back as they go by,

Sweet their memories are,

Oh, improve them as they fly,

These happy golden years.

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