Well Hello There!

Life lately has been pretty dang good! We’ve spent a good deal of time swimming and spending time with family, which is something I cherish, especially after losing my Gramma.

We also took a fun vacation! Kalen, Karen, and I went to Green Bay, WI to watch the Packers training camp (GO PACK GO!) and just enjoy ourselves. We took a stadium tour, spent way too much money (isn’t that always the case with a vacation though?), ate lots of delicious food, and even hit up a few antique malls. It was a really fun break from normal life, even though it wasn’t a huge deal. Sometimes, those are the best vacations. We were there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday we went to Amish Acres, so it was like another vacation day! While there, I MELTED in the sun (seriously, sweat was pouring off of me and everyone else-no shade there and hardly a breeze), bought some cool stuff, ate at a Mexican restaurant in town, and went to two antique shops, purchasing a total of 12 owls for my collection. 😉

Before vacation we hit up the Porter County Fair for some food and rides (we went with my aunt and the boys), and had a huge tree branch fall on our camper that same day. Figures! But since it had maliciously stormed, the weather was cool and we had a good time. I even bought a car that morning!

The car-a 2002 Ford Taurus in a golden beige color (Arizona Beige to be specific), has 4 doors, CD player, etc. It’s nice and in good condition with 115,000 miles. I paid $3200 for it, so not bad in my opinion. It had to have the brakes replaced (David did it for me, and it COULD have waited but he figured why not since I had the money), and I had to take it in because the check engine light came on and it had some issues. Not anything huge though, thankfully.

Today we happened to go to the Lake County Fair for Special Abilities Day. Between 11-3, you can ride the rides since you’re given a wristband. Since Alan has Down Syndrome AND Autism, they got a “letter” that allowed us to take advantage. In years past they’ve given anyone with that person a band, but only Alan and Nicky got one this time (although Alan used Alan’s so he could ride the swings with Nicky-confused yet? lol). It was another day of melting for me. Tawnya and Hailie joined us (since Hailie has Down Syndrome too), and Hailie latched onto Kalen. She loves her “Laylen” lol.


Hailie at the fair today.

I haven’t uploaded the very few photos I took on my phone today (stupid me forgot my camera!) but I will eventually. The fair was fun though, but hot. I”m glad we weren’t there TOO long.

Yesterday we swam-it was a lovely 85 degrees in the water, and I was in heaven. 🙂 Tawnya and Hailie joined us and Auntie was there with the boys. Alan came by later too. We went to dinner with Tawnya, Hailie, and Justin (Tawnya’s boyfriend) and then took Hailie to Walmart (she was begging to join me and “Laylen”-she adores him!) before dropping her at home. While there Tawnya showed me the school clothes she bought for Hailie, and we sat around talking a bit while we were there. I loved it-I miss sitting around talking.


Hailie yesterday in the car on the way home. She’s a ham!


School starts soon; August 21st to be exact. I’m super nervous, but that’s for another post. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far!


xoxo Amber

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