Tentatively Making the Switch

Well, hello there! I just started this blog today, obviously (I’m good at stating the obvious!), and I also have a Blogger account that I’ve been blogging at for a few years, but never daily or anything so awesome as that. Lately I’ve been VERY unhappy with Blogger, so I was reading some other blogs I follow hosted here, and reading someone’s Q & A post, and I decided “Hey, why not switch!?”, and here I am.

Be patient with me, as I’m new to WordPress, and as I try to decide if I should switch my posts over somehow, or just link to them once in awhile. I had started a “series” on my blog called “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Pins” that might be a pain to switch over, as I’m not sure how the pictures posting over here works yet (don’t laugh! I’ve used LiveJournal, and still do, for 8+years, so this Blogger and WordPress stuff is foreign to me!), and I do plan on finishing the series.

So, here is to a new start at an old hobby!!!

xoxo Amber

3 thoughts on “Tentatively Making the Switch

  1. Good luck!! I just switched over from Blogger in January 🙂 I’ve never used LJ, but I do love uploading photos on WordPress MUCH more than I did on Blogger!

    • I really do love WordPress more. I haven’t switched completely, because I haven’t figured out if I’m able to move my entries from Blogger to here in an easy fashion.

      And I know nothing about WordPress haha.

      • hah, yeah…..I ended up just copy/pasting the posts I wanted to preserve on WordPress, and changing the “published dates” on all of them. I had a couple followers at the time (close friends, thank goodness!) and they got an email for every. single. time. I did that. So…not the best method. But it worked!
        I knew nothing about WP either, and I’m still learning, but it’s pretty fun to figure out!

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